Friday, April 11, 2014

Waco, Ruby Ridge, and now....

How much longer will Americans allow this sort of thing?

Or this?

It would seem the same kind of heavily armed state and federal thugs are massing for yet another demonstration to show how tough and mean they are, and how we had better not even bat an eyebrow at their unlawful activities, because - they believe - they are large and in charge... and we are helpless.

What they are doing to that rancher is pure thuggery, something you can expect from all those overweight grade school bullies that now sport  an official uniform, a gun and a badge, but the thing that worries me is that now they have snipers stationed at high points around the area.

In my view, if those snipers start killing people like they did at Waco, they may trigger a response far above and beyond anything they can handle. They may find themselves being shot down like rabid dogs.

This incident may escalate into something nobody wants, but what everybody is expecting one day soon. as these federal and state agents become more and more brazen and lawless, as unelected bureaucrats, drunk with power, try to impose more draconian rules and regulations on us, all of which are illegal and unlawful.

What with all the other problems we face: The national debt, a thieving federal bank, the executive branch out of control, an Attorney General that has lost his marbles, bad weather and God knows what else, the last thing we need is another Waco or Ruby Ridge.


What does it say at the top on my blog?

Believe it.


Every time I look at the picture of that piece-of-crap punk spraying that woman I get a bit madder.

It would have been poetic justice if someone had grabbed that asshole by head, ripped off his facemask and shoved that nozzle down his throat.

Sorry for the language, but sometimes it's unavoidable.

Thursday, April 03, 2014


                                             Not only overseas, but on our own bases also.

Once again we are reminded about how unprotected  military personnel on our own bases really are. Although this latest shooting was by a military man authorized to be on the base, had the rest of the place been full of armed and already trained personnel, the incident would have been stopped in short order.

Military personnel, having undergone basic - and often advanced - weapons training, should be allowed to carry, at the very least, sidearms while on our bases.

In my view, the military has also gotten far too casual about how wide open our bases are, allowing just about anybody to come and go as they please. And as far as depending on the local police to provide protection?

Police never show up until after a crime has been committed.

And as for making a military base a "weapons free" zone?

That's light years beyond stupid.

We've been shown that twice now at Fort Hood.

To alter a famous quote just a bit:

"Shoot me once, shame on you. Shoot me twice, shame on me."

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Flight 370

For days now we have been bombarded by news of an American satellite, then a Chinese satellite and now a French satellite, all having spotted "debris" in the south Indian Ocean measuring something like 40 by 80 feet.

But nobody can tell what it is.

What complete and total bullsh*t.

America has satellites that can read automobile license plates from orbit. America has satellites that can pinpoint the location of anything on the planet's surface to within a few inches. Search aircraft and vessels have equipment that can lead them to a position on the surface to within inches of an object that a satellite has pinpointed.  Maybe someone will try to tell us we don't have satellites over that part of the planet. Hogwash.

We are told nobody can identify this debris, or that no one can fly a search aircraft directly to the place where this stuff is, whose location can be updated in realtime by the minute. We are told that this stretch of ocean is the most violent and dangerous on earth, that bad weather lives there 24/7, that weather conditions and bad seas make searching almost impossible. Well nuts. We have aircraft designed to fly into the center of hurricanes day in and day out without problems from the weather.

To sum it up, all of what we have heard so far is classic cover-up babble.

So. What's the real story? All the governments involved know exactly what this debris really is and are refusing to release any true information.

And another thing... the ability to fly below the radar - particularly above the flat surface of the ocean, is strictly a fantasy writers concept. There are no mountains to fly behind, no canyons to fly in, just open water. There has been ground-hugging radars for decades, radars that operate on frequencies that allow their beams to literally follow the curvature of the earth.  Don't believe for a second that flight 370 was not continuously tracked by one or more radars in an area where tensions are always at extreme levels, and where everybody is watching everybody else.

Whatever happened to flight 370 is something we - most l;likely - will never hear the truth about.

One other possibility: That the various government personnel involved in all this are so incompetent and ignorant of todays technical capabilities that they really don't have a clue. But I don't subscribe to that idea, more than one clueless halfwit like our vice-president -  in any government - is almost beyond comprehension.

Isn't it?  

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Long Live The King

Here you are... the man who would be King:

And so he is.

When Obama talks of bypassing Congress with his nifty little pen, he knows he can do it with confidence because Congress will do nothing to stop him. That gives him  the absolute power or a king or emperor.

Congress - both the Democrats and the Republicans - are in bed with the same behind-the-scenes manipulators that put this smooth-talking clown into office.

So, just who are these mysterious behind-the-scenes manipulators?

A simple question will a really simple answer:

Just follow the money. Who has the money nowadays? Who controls the money nowadays? and who wants even more?

Obama, a total package of ego, arrogance and ignorance put into a position of great power, may even understand his place in all this. He does what is required of him and then goes on vacation, plays golf, and flies around the country in Air Force One, pontificating to highly selected audiences about how great he really is.

For years we were misdirected into being upset over his actual birthplace, as if it mattered. It never did. What really mattered was that a president of the United States is required by the Constitution to have American citizens as parents, which Obama does not have.

His father is a Kenyan and a British citizen by birth. He was only in the United States for a college education when he hooked up with Obama's Kansas-born mother.

Obama was never - ever- qualified to even run for the office of president. But so what. He was the one trained and primed for the job from puberty on, promoted by the money boys and declared  "The Chosen One" by the lapdog media.

He has done what he was supposed to do: transform America. It is no longer the America the world once knew.

All us old duffers that knew better all along will soon get the chance to sit back and say "I told you so". but it will do no good whatever,  because Obama's adoring Obots will never blame him.... never. Why? Because then they would have to admit that they were wrong, something they just cannot do.

I gotta admit that being alive and around to watch as the greatest nation ever created in the history of the world is embarrassed, humbled, bankrupted and then destroyed by just a few hundred cretins and their puppets.

What will the history books say?

Whatever it is, it won't be the truth. It will be whatever the rich and powerful want them to say.

The history books will never say that Obama was the man they were waiting for. So was Clinton, Bush I, Bush II, even Reagan. but none of them could quite pull it off.  This Congress was the Congress they were waiting for...  a small but greedy batch of selfish men and women who would sell out everything for a bit of money and power.

History does repeat itself, including the part where it says we never learn.


Sunday, December 15, 2013

A Requested Flare

Galt-in-the-box asked if I was still kicking.

Well, yes, but many things have happened that has kept me completely away from blogging.

Haven't kept up much with the news because right now I've had just about all I can handle.

Wife had cervical cancer(diagnosed Mar 17), then a massive stroke(April 19), then two fractured vetabra while in rehab, where she is still today, able to move only one arm.

Then, I got bit by a brown recluse spider, then contacted a UTI had landed me in the hospital for three days, then caught it a second time. The medicines for all this was so bad it made me constantly sick, so I had to take nausea pills before each dose of medicine.

I had been spending at least 6-8 hours every day with her, making sure her clothes were laundered (I laundered them myself), made certain she ate at least two solid meals a day, and making certain the aides did their job properly when it came to diaper changes and showers. I had to stop the visits when I contacted the infections. This coming Monday I will be tested to see that I am healed. I can then start the visits again.

My computer got wiped out by a nasty Trojan and still isn't fixed, so I'm using wife's computer, which has none of my programs on it.

But what the hell. My problems pale in comparison to my wife's troubles If she were in as good a shape as I am today, we would both be happy - and fortunate - beyond reason.

Wife did beat the cancer, but is still fighting the stroke. As of now, it is not very hopeful she will recover very much.

So... this Christmas she will spend in a Medicaid rest home, seemingly slipping by the day, with little hope of ever coming home.

She was a good woman and a fantastic wife.

She deserves a better end than this.

Tuesday, October 08, 2013

How's That Again?

The sun always rises... even for those who spent a lifetime with their heads solidly inserted up where the sun never shines:

Well, Dagnabit! Things weren't supposed to turn
 out like this! Must'a been Reagan's fault!
 Or that damned rabbit!

Liberal/Socialist/Progressive//big government champion Jimmy Carter just said:

"The disparity between rich people and poor people in America has increased dramatically since when we started," he said. "The middle class has become more like poor people than they were 30 years ago. So I don't think it's getting any better."

Am I reading that right? That Carter is actually seeing and understanding the results of the policies he championed as president?

Sunday, October 06, 2013

Liberal Land

We can all laugh at this Socialist ideologue now...

But wait until the bill comes in.

Thursday, October 03, 2013

Friday, September 27, 2013

Thanks, But No Thanks

Texas state Senator Wendy Davis and her advisers have begun informing influential Democrats that she intends to run for governor in 2014.

Davis made a national splash last June when she mounted an unsuccessful filibuster against new proposed abortion clinic regulations.

Texas state Senator Wendy Davis

The bill banned abortions after 20 weeks - or five months - and required clinics to meet the same standards that hospital surgical centers do, and mandated that a doctor who performs abortions have admitting privileges at a nearby hospital.

Except for the twenty week ban, the bill requires vastly increased protection for females seeking to terminate their pregnancy. It requires that the "doctor" performing the abortion actually be a doctor. It requires that the "clinic" used meet accepted hospital standards for - among other things - cleanliness, safety and sterilization of equipment.

Sounds pretty reasonable to me.  So what did Wendy Davis object to in the new regulations?

Late-term abortions(abortions after five months) and live birth abortions(after actual birth of a living baby) are now banned. Apparently, this is unacceptable to Ms. Davis, who is a highly vocal and visible supporter of a woman's "right" to terminate her potential children. 

Ms. Davis has received many awards during her political career. Among them:

"Bold Woman Award" from girls, Inc.
"Champion for Children Award" from the Equity Center.

Now that's confusing. A woman who has become the State's new champion for pro-choice received an award declaring her a "Champion for Children". A "Champion for Children" ought to be fighting for their "right" to life, rather than filibustering for their termination. Perhaps an award declaring her a "Champion for Motherless Sex" would have been closer to the mark.

The United States Bill of Rights guarantees all of us the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The issue when it comes to Rights is: When does an developing embryo become of of "us"? That's a never-ending  concept for us all to squabble over, argue for or against, maybe even go to war over..

So what's the real issue here? Today's modern woman wants to enjoy sex without consequence.

Abortions because of rape, incest and medical problems seem reasonable to many people. I - for one - would not be wanting to raise the offspring of some 80 IQ savage, and I definitely would not need to wait 5 months to have the pregnancy terminated. 

I have no dog in this fight other than perhaps the long term survival of our species. It seems to me we should have some sort of safeguards in place to prevent unborn children from being slaughtered by women to whom motherhood would be an inconvenience or burden to their lifestyle..

There are plenty of women who want to be mothers. Let the rest of them get sterilized if they so choose.

So, if I have no dog in this abortion thing, why do I say "no thanks" to Wendy?

Anybody who believes that the termination of developing life should be acceptable for no other reason than personal choice or convenience will easily buy into the notion that terminating life that has been around too long is acceptable also. You know, old people.

That sort of person I don't want making the rules.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Debt Ceiling

President Obama just stated that raising our debt ceiling does not raise the debt.

Absolutely true. The man has spoken truth.

The debt ceiling is an arbitrary limit on deficit spending as determined by Congress. It is supposed to prevent the federal government from spending us into ruin.

What raises the national debt is the federal government spending money we don't have. And history has proved that the federal government will spend any money it can get its hands on. Always.

When Congress raises the debt ceiling,  the federal government will spend it's way to it quickly.

And  Congress has - over 100 times - raised the debt ceiling, allowing more and more deficit spending. That's why we are in debt almost 18 trillion dollars*.

So, the president - by not explaining the entire situation but only commenting about a small - but correct - part of it, once again sounds presidential and knowledgeable. But only to the non-thinking.

To those who can see beyond the endless 30-second sound bites, President Obama has once again demonstrated his skill at using a smidgen of truth to make himself seem the adult in the room, the fearless leader, the wise mentor.

But he is none of those. The sad part of it all is that Congress will continue to allow him to play his wholly destructive game of transformation.

A very willing Congress, I might add.

*America will never manage to pay off this incredible debt.  National bankruptcy is the only course left.